Cute Teen Hooker Fondled, Fucked, and Fertilized

タイトル:Cute Teen Hooker Fondled, Fucked, and Fertilized
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I had met cute little teeny-bopper Jessica a few months ago at one of Angeles City’s “Perimeter” Bars. She was barely 18 years old and starstruck by the amount of foreign guys she could suddenly meet in her new occupation. When I see a girl who’s new to the industry、 my monger instincts take over and I always try to be the first one to fuck/breed them. I barfined her、 took her back to my hotel、 and blasted her pussy full of semen all on hidden camera.Turns out little Jessica was not ovulating that day and she was so disappointed I didn’t knock her up. So we kept in touch and tried to find a day when she was fertile and my own breeding schedule was clear、 and lo and behold、 our stars finally aligned. Jessica didn’t know I filmed her previously、 so when I told her I wanted to film our breeding session she was hesitant. But I insisted we film it、 or else I wasn’t going to give her my life-giving western semen、 so she finally relented and agreed. Just gotta be persistent with these silly teenagers sometimes、 hehehe.I made the little whore shower and shave her pussy for me so that my 9-inch cock would have a clean、 sanitary hole to enter、 and then it was time for a nice slow blowjob. Jessica was new to the industry、 but she was learning quickly、 and she got me rock hard in no time.It was finally time for insemination、 so I had the little teen ride me on the couch before fucking her missionary and doggystyle. Her cute little bubblebutt sticking up in the air was just too much for me and I felt my balls clench as wave after wave of hot、 milky jizz flooded her birth canal. I corked the little whore up and we waited while my boys did their job.While waiting、 I had Jessica keep her ass high in the air and her head/shoulders low so that gravity would pull my seed deep into the nooks and crannies of her womb. When it was time to uncork her and unleash the sperm、 it took a minute to finally seep out. But when it did、 it was like a slow-moving eruption of white hot lava bubbling out from between her pussy lips. It dripped and dripped and dripped、 bubbling like a wizard’s cauldron、 and was really fucking sexy. The cute little teen texted me a couple months later saying she hadn’t received her period since our insemination session and she was so excited to be having my baby. She was so thankful and I was happy to help. Nothing beats contributing teen pregnancy!

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