It Was Her Lucky Day As I Agreed To Give Her A Baby!

タイトル:It Was Her Lucky Day As I Agreed To Give Her A Baby!
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Lucky「It Was Her Lucky Day As I Agreed To Give Her A Baby!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


Cute street whore Lucky hadn’t been too lucky up to this point in life. She had come to Pattaya to serve men and make money、 but because she wasn’t as naturally pretty as some of her peers、 she couldn’t land a gig in one of the many higher-end gogo bars in Pattaya. She started off on Soi Six but realized she had better “luck” just wandering Beach Road sucking random dicks for lunch money. Still、 even though she was just a street whore、 she always wanted to have a western man’s baby. In her mind、 a foreign baby would give her the respect she had always lacked from her friends and family and would finally give her life meaning. And even though Lucky wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the world、 I sometimes am overwhelmed with compassion like the Buddha and feel it’s my moral duty to help a struggling whore in need.Lucky came by my apartment right off the street so she wasn’t as dolled up as most of my other girls. But once I started stripping off the little whore’s clothes、 she had all the right parts in all the right places and I knew she’d be a great breeding vessel. After a decent blowjob、 I pounded Lucky’s breeding hole in numerous positions until finally unloading my valuable semen into Lucky’s sweet snatch. While she was laying there corked like a wine bottle、 she thanked me profusely for impregnating her (it’s so cute how thankful these whores are!). You’re welcome honey. Here’s 500 baht so you can buy a sandwich. Now get the fuck out of my apartment and back to the streets where you belong!

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