Spycam Catches Gorgeous Skinny Bargirl Fucking Customer!

タイトル:Spycam Catches Gorgeous Skinny Bargirl Fucking Customer!
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Nalinee「Spycam Catches Gorgeous Skinny Bargirl Fucking Customer!」のアダルト動画は【Monger In Asia】へ!


Holy shit guys、 I lucked out with this week’s secretly spied upon bargirl Nalinee. What a gem! I was definitely in a spinner mood and I wanted top quality pussy、 so I took a nice stroll down Walking Street to inspect the goods at some of the high end gogo bars in Pattaya. Oftentimes these Walking Street bars are a ripoff with overpriced drinks and underwhelming girls (performance-wise)、 but you can always count on good quality fuckmeat on display for rent. And if you’re lucky and conduct your “interview” correctly、 you can find some real quality nymphos too!Which brings me to Nalinee. When I saw this sexy skinny Thai babe shaking her hips onstage at Panda A-Gogo in her super short jean shorts、 I was entranced. Such a great body and a smile that almost mesmerized me. I had to fuck this tiny twat tonight – it became my mission!I bought Nalinee a drink and conducted my “interview” and everything went great. She was so pleasing to the eyes and such a natural flirter that there was no question I was going to barfine her. When I took her back to my apartment、 I realized the error in my haste – I forgot the condom question. Nalinee was extremely picky about letting guys bareback her and、 despite my urgings、 she wouldn’t budge、 at least not on the first “date.” Dammit! But still、 it was fine. She was so beautiful to me that I really didn’t care. I had no trouble getting rock hard for this sexy slut despite having to wear a condom (yuck!).I fucked Nalinee in every position I could think of、 and when it was time to unload、 there was no way I was wasting my precious load inside a piece of sterile latex. If she insisted I wear a condom、 then fine; I insisted she let me blow my load all over her pretty face. She happily accepted the tradeoff、 and despite ruining her makeup、 she seemed truly happy to have made me cum despite the condom. A few days have passed since filming this scene、 and now Nalinee is texting me 5 times a day. “When can I see you again?” “I love you!” “Please meet me again Sir!” “Hmmmmm….I don’t know honey、 next time I don’t want to wear a condom.”“It’s ok、 it’s ok. Nextime no condom.”“Sweeeeeet” hehehe. So don’t worry guys、 if you enjoyed watching me bang sexy Nalinee in this episode、 just wait. I’ll have a lot more content with Nalinee coming in the near future. And this time I’m gonna do everything I can to plant a baby in her belly、 hehehe.

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